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New Application Registration

STEP 1: To begin the process register  register your building(s). Applicants may pay by credit card or cheque.

STEP 2: Visit Re-TRAC Connect site to register a username and building(s).

Note: online access to the 3RCertified program - surveys, reference documents and reports - is subject to payment received by RCO.


Online Surveys

3RCertified program applicants have approximately six months to respond to three online surveys: Site Profile, Certification Survey and Waste Stream Profile. Applicants are also required to gather back-up documentation in preparation for an on-site evaluation.

The surveys require applicants to enter a comprehensive array of information about its organization’s management of all waste streams - from generation to final disposition - using two years of the most recent waste audits. Learn more.


Waste Audits

Applicants are required to conduct a waste audit in accordance with RCO’s Standard Waste Audit Method (SWAM), which is available to all program participants. Organizations that have already completed a waste audit should ensure audits meet standard requirements and addresses missing areas, if applicable.  


Third-Party Evaluation

On-site evaluation includes a review and verification of an applicant’s online entry: program policies; communications materials; waste audit; and waste reduction workplans. On-site evaluations verify applicants have entered correct information as part of the 3RCertified application. On-site evaluations also determine the extent to which waste management policies and procedures are implemented.


Achieving 3RCertified

Upon a successful on-site evaluation, applicants are provided with a final score and summary report. If certain items were identified as missing or incomplete during the evaluation process, the applicant has up to 30 days to provide a 3RCertified evaluator with the required documentation. Should a second on-site evaluation be required, additional expenses will be billed to the applicant.

Depending on the score achieved, an organization may be certified at one of four levels. Successful certification may be obtained with a minimum final score of 60 per cent.



Maintaining 3RCertified Status – Annual Assessment

3RCertified status is valid for three years, beginning with the date certification is first granted. An official certificate is sent to successful applicants, as well as links for high-resolution graphics for communication purposes. Certification must be maintained annually at periods of approximately 12 and 24 months from initial certification date.

During the annual review period, certified organizations are required to update their waste stream data, by filling in the Annual Assessment SurveySite Profile, and Waste Stream Profile.

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