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Recognizing excellence in waste reduction and diversion

A certifcation program designed for properties in the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional sector that assesses and verifies operational solid waste reduction and diversion

How it works

An evaluated site earns a specified number of points for various criteria, and certification is awarded at one of four levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze. 


Fill out an online registration from

Complete surveys

Six month timeframe

Earn certification

Meet requirements and achieve a score >60%

Create a profile

Use a secure third-party platform


On-site walkthrough

Maintain certification

Up to three years


3RCertified applicants are required to use the Standard Waste Audit Methodology for waste audits, which applies a uniform process for measurement.


Using a Waste Stream Profile every material that is reused, recycled, and disposed of is gathered from the applicant’s waste audit and stored online.


Properties can generate year-over-year waste performance data, and benchmark diversion and capture rates per building and portfolio-wide.

3RCertified challenged our waste reduction policies and procedures to ensure all of our integral stakeholders – tenants, contractors, housekeeping, and management staff – play a part in waste reduction. Through this process we have been able to recognize new opportunities for waste reduction and recycling, and maintain our status as a leader in sustainability.

The 3RCertified process allowed us to review and reorganize our waste streams, maximize new recycling opportunities (e.g., coffee cups, paper towels), and ensure we dispose of items in the proper manner. It has given us another measure to make sure our building is reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.