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3RCertified recognizes organizations that take a leadership position in waste reduction and diversion. Properties are awarded certification on the basis of total points earned, and verified through an onsite third-party evaluation.

Central to the program is a set of criteria available to active applicants in a questionnaire format. The criteria aim to capture the various ways an organization integrates its solid waste diversion and management program into operations and planning. The applicant organization earns a specified number of points for each criterion that it meets. Certification is awarded at one of four levels based on the total number of points earned.

As the program grows so will the 3RCertified database of externally verified diversion, capture and per unit reduction rates, which allows participants to better understand and benchmark performance. Annual aggregated data will be reported once the program gains critical mass of certified organizations.

Step 1: Initial Registration

Begin the registration process by filling the initial form with contact information and type of building.


Single building or portfolio managers: set up an account and add buildings under a single name to manage multiple sites. For portfolio managers that need to supervise multiple buildings under different accounts, please contact the 3RCertified program manager for access.

Service Providers

Managing client accounts: set up an account and add company’s office as the building address. Call the 3RCertified program manager to set up a portfolio manager account to have access to one or more program participant that is being project managed.

Step 2: Re-TRAC Connect

Register your building(s) on the Re-TRAC Connect platform where 3RCertified is housed. Assessment surveys and reporting functions are found on Re-TRAC Connect. 3RCertified program users have access to the platform 24/7 and can access technical assistance at any time.

The program registration page offers an overview of 3RCertified, along with a registration option at the bottom of the landing page. New applicants are required to choose the building type they would like to certify by clicking on the appropriate link.

Once an online account is created, 3RCertified approves access when application fees are completed. Applicants may access their account and assessment surveys upon being granted full access to the program.

Step 3: 3RCertified Surveys

3RCertified program applicants have up to six months to respond to the initial three online surveys: Site Profile, Certification Survey and Waste Stream Profile. In addition to the online surveys, applicants are required to gather all applicable back-up documentation in preparation for the on-site evaluation component.

Applicants answer a series of questions about the various aspects of their organization’s waste management program, with a focus on site-specific implementation. Performance information is entered from a waste audit conducted within the last 12 months of application date. The 3RCertified criteria encompass all aspects of a holistic, well-managed, and integrated waste reduction and diversion program.

Step 4: On-site evaluation

On-site evaluation includes a thorough review and evaluation of all submitted entries. The purpose of an on- site evaluation is to verify the applicant has entered information correctly and demonstrate the extent to which waste management policies and procedures are implemented at the property level. Applicants are asked to provide supporting documentation for every “yes” response entered in the Certification Survey. Observation and staff interviews are also an important component of the on-site evaluation process.

Pre-Evaluation Document Review

Prior to the on-site evaluation, all mandatory documents along with waste stream information are reviewed, to ensure there is adequate subject matter to proceed. Review of waste and procurement policies (criteria 1 and 2); as well as, waste audit and waste reduction work plan (criteria 7 and 12). Additional information is strongly recommended to help ensure a smooth and timely evaluation.

Thirty-Day Period Post-Evaluation

In the event that specific documents are identified, but not made available during the on-site evaluation, a period of no more than 30 days is granted to the applicant, in order to supply the missing information. Specifically, this is only applicable to information that is already in existence at the time of the evaluation. Documents created as a result of having it be identified during the evaluation will not be accepted.

Step 5: Certification

Upon a successful on-site evaluation, the applicant will be provided with a final score and can access an online Summary Report that provides question by question scoring and evaluator comments where applicable.

Successful certification may be obtained with a minimum final score of 60 per cent. Depending on the score an organization may achieve status at one of the following levels: