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Applicants are required to fill out a Site Profile, a Certification Survey, and a Waste Stream Profile per material identified in a waste audit (submitted as part of meeting the program’s prerequisite).

Site Profile: short survey with general questions about building size, activities, and waste management program. Also includes questions about waste audit period dates and other indicators that help calculate year-over-year waste reduction rate (to be used as internal benchmark, not scored). The Site Profile is required to obtain certification and is partially updated each year to maintain a 3RCertified status. Site Profile varies by module (building type).

Certification Survey: long-form survey that provides a qualitative assessment of all aspects of an applicant’s waste management program. Each question is scored based on supporting documents provided prior to and during the on-site evaluation phase of an application process. Certification surveys are designed as a unique module for each building type.

Waste Stream Profile: short one-page survey that is required for each reused, recycled, and disposed material reported in an application’s waste audit. The Waste Stream Profile inputs require the most number of hours as dedicated to the 3RCertified application process. It collects both performance based data, as well as qualitative information regarding the management of each material entered. The survey’s questions do not vary by module.