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A central component to 3RCertified is having an on-site evaluation that includes a building / facility tour, review of documents, performance data, regulatory compliance, communications with staff/tenants/occupants, and overall observance of an applicant’s source separation program.

Evaluation Procedure: Overview

Preliminary Document Review

The assigned 3RCertified Evaluator will review the following documents to ensure there is enough subject matter to conduct the on-site evaluation:

  1. Annual Waste Audit – criterion 7
  2. Annual Waste Reduction Work Plan – criterion 12
  3. Waste Stream Profiles – cursory review
  4. Summary report – automatically generated report that provides an applicant’s performance rates, and summary of responses.

On-Site Evaluation

The anticipated duration of the on-site evaluation is approximately three (3) hours, but may take longer. Kindly set aside half a working day to ensure sufficient time is allotted for the tour, interviews and on- site document review.

Post Evaluation

Following a successful on-site evaluation, all applicable surveys will be saved under the status of “verified” to indicate external confirmation of data. A successful on-site evaluation means there are no missing documents and the 3RCertified Evaluator is not required to conduct a second evaluation. CIC will confirm the certification status has been maintain.

Preparing for an On-Site Evaluation
On the date of the evaluation, the 3RCertified evaluator will review applicable documentation and speak with individuals whose responsibilities are related to solid waste management at the site. The evaluation will include a site tour that encompasses all relevant locations of where waste is captured, disposed and temporarily stored.

While each site is unique and evaluation tours vary, there are a few simple steps applicants can take in order to help make the process a smooth one.

Generate a Summary Report found in Re-TRAC Connect online platform. The Summary Report will provide you with your performance: diversion rate, capture rate and per unit reduction rate. It will also provide all questions and responses submitted online. Review your responses and ensure you have supporting documentation to the information submitted.


  • A dedicated staff person to meet the 3RCertified evaluator and guide her/him throughout the tour
  • Ensure all appropriate personnel are available during the on-site evaluation tour. In some cases, this may include staff that work off site and external consultants. The 3RCertified evaluator will be speaking to persons whose responsibility includes all and / or some aspect of waste management at the site. For example, a communications staff person with the responsibility of creating information materials on ways to recycle paper and plastics at the site.
  • Ensure all supporting documentation can be easily provided for a quick reference. This includes waybills, invoices, contracts, and policies, internal and external documentation. In other words, the Evaluator will expect to review supporting (“back up”) documentation for all information submitted in the 3RCertified Surveys, including where a “yes” answer has been selected.
  • The 3RCertified evaluator will be seeking to understand how policies and procedures are implemented on-site. Special attention will be given to communications and awareness, as well as continuous improvement.


All parties agree to hold in strict confidence all information obtained during the evaluation process and all information concerning the business and affairs acquired in the course of this professional relationship. CIC management team and staff, as well as 3RCertified evaluator will make every endeavor to ensure that all materials provided via email, uploaded to the Re-TRAC Connect platform and shared during the on-site evaluation are kept confidential.

Authorized On-Site Dedicated Contact:

The applicant must ensure a dedicated person is available on-site to guide and accompany the 3RCertified evaluator. This person(s) must be authorized to act on behalf of the organization for the purposes of a 3RCertified evaluation, which may include accessing internal program documentation.