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3RCertified Evaluators are industry experts that provide on-site verification services as part of the application process. Once information is entered into the 3RCertified online application, an in person evaluation is conducted to ensure data is verified. 3RCertified evaluators review submitted documentation, observe on-site operations and interview applicants in order to determine the scoring for each 3RCertified question.

RCO is pleased to work with the following team of solid waste industry experts:

William Baird

AET Group

William Baird is a waste audit manager at AET Group. William is a Certified Environmental Professional and graduated from the University of Western with a Bachelor of Science in  Ecology and Evolution, he also holds a diploma in Environmental Control from Sheridan College.

William has extensive experience managing and leading solid waste studies and developing waste management programs for all levels of government and the IC&I sector and has completed hundreds of waste audits across Canada and the USA.

Paolo Muir

HSR Zero Waste

Paolo Muir is a Zero Waste Associate in British Columbia. Paolo developed his Zero Waste background learning closely from the council of Capannori in Tuscany, Italy, the first European council to adhere to a Zero Waste policy. Paolo’s postgraduate fieldwork research offered a comparative analysis between top-down and bottom-up approaches to Zero Waste in Europe. His work has led him to develop a strategically valuable network within the Zero Waste field via Zero Waste Europe and the Zero Waste International Alliance.

Paolo has extensive experience in the development of Zero Waste education and certification programs, as well as in their implementation in a consulting role. In addition, Paolo brings his training and experience as a professional solid waste auditor for the IC&I sector. With a decade of international work, he is currently working in Canada to spread the portfolio of good practices developed, towards implementing Zero Waste policies and practices.